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At Bundaberg Mobility Centre you will find the perfect way to get around amongst our range of quality mobility scooter brands and models. All scooters come with a warranty (length varies depending upon manufacturer) and are backed up by our extensive maintenance program. Some models have available extras including canopies, golf bag holders, rollator and oxygen tank storage and more. See product pages for more details or contact us.


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Customised Controls

 Not everyone has the same disabilities (or abilities). That’s why our range of mobility scooters can be customised to make the controls as easy as possible for you to operate.

We can consult with your therapist to determine the best control set-up for your scooter.

4-Pole Vs 2-Pole Motors

 When you start researching scooters you may hear the terms ‘4-pole’ and ‘2-pole’. The difference is a bit like a V8 car engine against a four cylinder. The 4-pole produces a lot more torque which is good for climbing hills and getting through rough terrain. If you are only going to be driving the scooter in relatively flat areas on smooth roads or paths, the more common 2-pole motor will usually be more than adequate.

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