Better Living Overlay

Simple to operate and set up, the Better Living range is designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance. This overlay is ideal for home care or aged care environments and can be used for people at risk to very high risk of pressure injury.


  • Perfect for high end, home and age care needs
  • Automatic weight sensing technology keeps the patient within a safe pressure range for effective therapy. Manual adjustments can be made for individualised therapy or comfort.
  • Quick twist CPR for rapid deflation in the case of an emergency
  • Fits over existing mattress for pressure injury prevention.



  • Product code: APMBL-L01
  • Dimensions: 200 x 88 x 13 cm
  • Patient Risk Category: High Risk
  • Wound Stage: 1-3
  • Waterlow Score: 15-20
  • Braden Score: <12
  • Safe Working Load: 40-150 kg


Clinical Features

  • 2 cell cycle therapy
  • Mattress Overlay
  • Automatic weight sensing with manual comfort control